Daily Archives: October 15, 2010

Lisbon – Second Port of Call

A quiet day in Lisbon. Nothing that exciting about the capital of Portugal. Some good shops
and good prices to match – so I am told !!
It is the first capital city that I have visited where the traffice is not too heavy. Getting around
was pleasant.
As for the ship. Problems which relate to a brand new ship re strting to be discussed over
meals. The lady who has a toliet which appears to be reverse installed nd flood her cubicle
with every flush. The paper towel holders that fall off the wall and the coat hangers which
drop off the coat rail and ‘spill’ the clother to the bottom of the wardrobe.
Nothing serious like lack of food or drink I am pleased to say.
Last night we had a top class meal in the “pay extra” restaurant (the Verandah). For the $35 a head, I would
say tht it was the best meal I had ever had – so that is value for money.
Al in ll a good cruise and lot of great people – staff and guests.

A view from the ship: