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A few pictures from Sunday

Some pictures from yesterday….

Sir Dvid Frost gives a most entertaining lecture:

Judith shares the “button” the queen pressed to relese
the bottle which named QE. With the button is Judith
and the Captain:


Pictures around the ship (1 of 2)

Our Stateroon (6088)

That small room is very small.

And a reasonable sized balcony.

Getting around the corridors…
Red on the left (Port) and Green on the other side.

One of the “lift lobbies” around the ship.

One of the many bars..(Drinks are not cheap)

A computer room full of pple Macs !!

The main lobby
Reception desk in background

The Queens Room.
The place for Dancing each evening, Cocktail parties,
mini-shows and bingo.

Some wall pictures in the Queen’s Room:

A favourite venue – the English pub.
Fish and Chips, Cottage Pie, plowman’s lunch
and draught Becks,

Entrance walkweay to the Royal Court Theatre

Pictures inside to follow (they were rehearsing
when I was taking these pictures)

Retail Therapy

…. more tomorrow….


Monday 8.45 am

George Berry’s location@8:43,18/10 Palmas de Gran Canaria http://m.google.co.uk/u/m/wM5hMx

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