Daily Archives: October 23, 2010

Last Post….

This will be my last post to the blog.

Tomorrow will be our final day on this Maiden Voyage of the Queen Elizabeth.

Everyone expects some kind of problems on a first passenger sailing and I am told that the problems encountered on this voyage are totally minor when compared with the maiden voyage of her sister ship Queen Victoria.

The recession has certainly been obvious by the lack of ‘extra’ luxury items many passengers expected. Previous maiden cruises have been explained to us in great detail and this journey lacked many of those extra bits. The fact that the whole ship was a sell-out in 29 minutes on 1st April last year perhaps had a bearing on this. I would like to hope that Cunard do not take their regular clients too much for granted !!

We did expect fireworks as we left Madeira – sadly disappointed BUT…

The staff, the food, the fellow passengers made up for it all. Well done Cunard for working so hard to make this such a brilliant and happy ship. Many of our fellow passengers have already booked up future cruises
on QE.

George (in the middle of the Bay of Biscay)