Pictures around the ship (1 of 2)

Our Stateroon (6088)

That small room is very small.

And a reasonable sized balcony.

Getting around the corridors…
Red on the left (Port) and Green on the other side.

One of the “lift lobbies” around the ship.

One of the many bars..(Drinks are not cheap)

A computer room full of pple Macs !!

The main lobby
Reception desk in background

The Queens Room.
The place for Dancing each evening, Cocktail parties,
mini-shows and bingo.

Some wall pictures in the Queen’s Room:

A favourite venue – the English pub.
Fish and Chips, Cottage Pie, plowman’s lunch
and draught Becks,

Entrance walkweay to the Royal Court Theatre

Pictures inside to follow (they were rehearsing
when I was taking these pictures)

Retail Therapy

…. more tomorrow….



Monday 8.45 am

George Berry’s location@8:43,18/10 Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Position at 6pm Sunday

George Berry’s location@17:53,17/10

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Cadiz – QE Visit No 3

The maiden voyage continues with a call at Cadiz. The excellent weather made the city look bright and cheerful.

Again is was good for shopping and views of happy cruisers and large carrier bags of clothes were not uncommon.

A second cruise ship in port helped make the place look busy.

And there was plenty of street activity:

A coffee break in the main square and one of the many distinctive buildings.


Lisbon – Second Port of Call

A quiet day in Lisbon. Nothing that exciting about the capital of Portugal. Some good shops
and good prices to match – so I am told !!
It is the first capital city that I have visited where the traffice is not too heavy. Getting around
was pleasant.
As for the ship. Problems which relate to a brand new ship re strting to be discussed over
meals. The lady who has a toliet which appears to be reverse installed nd flood her cubicle
with every flush. The paper towel holders that fall off the wall and the coat hangers which
drop off the coat rail and ‘spill’ the clother to the bottom of the wardrobe.
Nothing serious like lack of food or drink I am pleased to say.
Last night we had a top class meal in the “pay extra” restaurant (the Verandah). For the $35 a head, I would
say tht it was the best meal I had ever had – so that is value for money.
Al in ll a good cruise and lot of great people – staff and guests.

A view from the ship:


Fisrt Port – Vigo, Spain

Leaving the port of Vigo, Spain.

Queen Elizabeth leving the port. A medium sized city with lots of good shops at prices
similar to those in the U.K.

A pleasant sunny day (22C) wasspent wandering around the main streets, a ittle shopping
and some drinking of coffee.

The ship was docked within 50 metres of the town. The black and red funnel of QE
is just seen in the background.

My friend Brian just had to get in the picture.

I name this ship….Me!

We arrived on board the QE at about 10.00 a.m. after intense security cheeks and controls.

From there on it was an intense day of well planned and organised activity. An hour to wander around this fantastic brand new ship.

Not a mark, not a scratch and bright and shining new.

The Verandah Resturnt

At 1..30 we attrended a champagne reception hosted by the Captain and then went onto a Gala Lunch in the main restaurant.

At 3.0 pm. we all assembled in the specially erected stand fcing the ship:

(Taken from on board)

The massed bands, choirs etc..

All awaiting the arrival of H.M. The Queen.

A moving ceramony and a day to remember.

George & Judith

Southampton Departure


Now on board this magnificient ship. I have been on many cruise ships but this, so new, so clean and so art deco, is the best looking.
There is a real buzz in Southampton all becase of this new ship and the visit of the Queen yesterday.

We are so lucky to be on board.

On the11th and 12th October I will post pictures here of the sail away from Southampton.
The sailing of the Maiden Voyage of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth 2 Terminal, Southampton


The Naming Ceremony

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I will post more pictures and comments about the Day – Monday 10th October 2101 – here on the day. 10/10/10: Visit Southampton Docks and saw QE from Gate 4. We are told traffic will be hevy tomorrow so we … Continue reading


Queen to name QE

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10/10/10. We are just about to leave for Southampton. Tomorrow we board QE. Great news. We will be there to see her on 11 Oct.