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Last Post….

This will be my last post to the blog.

Tomorrow will be our final day on this Maiden Voyage of the Queen Elizabeth.

Everyone expects some kind of problems on a first passenger sailing and I am told that the problems encountered on this voyage are totally minor when compared with the maiden voyage of her sister ship Queen Victoria.

The recession has certainly been obvious by the lack of ‘extra’ luxury items many passengers expected. Previous maiden cruises have been explained to us in great detail and this journey lacked many of those extra bits. The fact that the whole ship was a sell-out in 29 minutes on 1st April last year perhaps had a bearing on this. I would like to hope that Cunard do not take their regular clients too much for granted !!

We did expect fireworks as we left Madeira – sadly disappointed BUT…

The staff, the food, the fellow passengers made up for it all. Well done Cunard for working so hard to make this such a brilliant and happy ship. Many of our fellow passengers have already booked up future cruises
on QE.

George (in the middle of the Bay of Biscay)

At sea heading for home


George Berry’s location@12:00,22/10 Funchal

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Stranded in Madeira….

Heavy rain has caused flooding in the town on Funchal and we, on board, have been advised to remain on board
the ship.
The local police have closed the main street and this has caused major traffic problems.

We are perhaps in the best position – on a ship – as we watch torrents of rain water roll off the hills and cascade into
the open sea.

The plan was to be in Funchal till midnight and to sail away to a display of fireworks. Now the forecast thunderstorms
make cause some change of plans.

This evening Lulu and her 19 piece orchestra are due to entertain us – did she ever do singing in the rain ?

Still one of the best cruises inspite of a few niggles.


Our final port of call.


George Berry’s location@8:33,21/10 Da Pontinha, Funchal, Madeira

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Pictures on board (2 of 2)

The main restaurant on board:

You can take your foot from the Lido Buffet and eat outside

The buffet (Lido) is open 24 hours.
Always plenty of fresh fruit…

or cold meats

or salads

or a steak or a burger

or fresh Piza or Pasta

one of the two open pools

Sport and Recreation

A magnificient ship


La Palma


George Berry’s location@9:29,20/10 Spain

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A maiden voyage! Not really.

I have talked to number of passengers – both from the Grills and Britannia – and we all agree on one thing:-

“This is no different to any other Cundard Cruise”

In fact, the maiden problems have made is slightly less value for money.

It has taken till today to have decent pictures on the Television, most of the on-board printing is either poorly done,
late arriving or not done at all. The television schedule for the first week arrived on the last day of the schedule.
What is due on TV for the rest of the cruise is still a mystery.

Service is just about getting into line. It has been like a new football team – Premiership Players but not yet a team.

All in all we have all paid full price for this journey, waited in anticipation of something different, something special.
… and still waiting.

Nothing spectacular about being on board – no celebration mood. In fact the special cocktail parties for the long
term travellers of Cunard are so packed as to be uncomfortable.

The President of Cunard in on board – I do hope his fellow travellers in the top priced areas of the ship tell him of the
lack of ‘surprise’ elements.

A good ship, very clean and tidy. Excellent food and, as is usual for Cunard, average entertainment.
(The singer last night was good but had to apologies for her shocking publicity around the ship. She said that
she considered not wearing make up on stage in the hope she would be recognised !!)


Wine sampling of Tenerife wines. Don’t bother looking for them in your Supermarkets!

George Berry’s location@16:24,19/10

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George Berry’s location@9:20,19/10 Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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A few pictures from Sunday

Some pictures from yesterday….

Sir Dvid Frost gives a most entertaining lecture:

Judith shares the “button” the queen pressed to relese
the bottle which named QE. With the button is Judith
and the Captain: